Hello! This is my (Eevee's) bug tracker—it's for organizing things that need doing to veekun and other projects.

The jumping-off point is the projects list.

How do I register?

Use the "sign in" link in the upper right. Login uses OpenID and has no email confirmation.

You might want to fix your display name and email after registering—if your OpenID provider didn't send along a name or email, you'll be given something randomly generated.

How do I report a bug or request a feature?

Find the right project and file an issue! Don't worry about all the fields if you're not sure about them; they're mostly to appeal to my OCD.

If you want to file an issue for veekun, you probably want to use this form. veekun is split into a few parts, and it's not going to be obvious which part the bug/feature is in.

Please try to be clear about the problem, or specific about what you think needs doing!

You can file issues anonymously, but you might want to log in so you can get an email when there's a response (and so I can contact you if I need more information).

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Latest projects

  • conformist (10/17/2011 05:45 am)

    A Python form handling library. Spiritual fork of wtforms, but designed to impose as few assumptions on you and your form as possible.

  • lurid (10/17/2011 05:43 am)

    Python library for dealing with URIs. And maybe some other stuff.

  • sanpera (09/14/2011 03:50 am)

    Image library based on GraphicsMagick and Cython.

  • Spline: Gallery (11/13/2010 10:33 pm)

    Abandoned for now. May exist on github later.

  • raidne (11/13/2010 10:32 pm)

    Roguelike for the 21st century... and beyond